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Stewardship Mission Statement

Stewardship is a way that we live out our faith by sharing our time our talents and our treasure within

the community of Northwest Barrie United Church, and beyond. 

A steward is someone just like you who is 

Empowered by the gospel message to love and serve others

Inspired by a vision of justice for all

Committed to building a healthy and positive community of faith at Northwest Barrie


To go forward confidently as a faith community it is important to have sound financial footing.

You can support the work of the church by making a weekly or monthly offering.

Visit our Donate page to find out how.

Legacy Giving is a way of supporting your church beyond your lifetime and can take many forms.

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church members are saying about Legacy Giving.

The United Church has good resources to help guide you through the process of Planned Giving. It begins with talking with your family about your wishes. The Will Workbook can walk you through the process of estate planning including the steps to making a proper will. Gifts the Last a Lifetime outlines the various types of gifts that you might consider.

You can view them by clicking on the document below.

Will Workbook (PDF)

Gifts that last a Lifetime (PDF)

You may wish do direct your gift to a particular area of Northwest’s ministry. Having a conversation with someone at the church about your plans can make that your intentions are fully understood. Meeting with the minister or someone on the Stewardship team can be a good first step. As always, you can contact the office to arrange such a meeting.